Μy last trip to Norway during February, 2017.

The Lofoten Archipelago is spread on the northwest side of Norway, very close to the borders of the Arctic Circle. It is a cluster of small fishing villages and is often called “the Foot of the lynx” because of its shape.

The villages are full of legends, maybe because of their natural beauty and their mysterious landscapes, or maybe because there the Sun either never rises or never sets. The only thing you can hear is the thousand voices of birds, the wind and the sound of the sea. That combination of the landscape which comes into view every morning and the sounds of nature is a priceless experience that fills you with energy and inspiration for the whole day.


Winner of "Best Time-Lapse" at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Winner - Best of the Month - Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards

Award of Excellence - Timelapse Photographer & Music/Score - Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards

Winner of "Europe Film" at European Cinematography Awards

Winner - Award of Recognition - Holywood International Moving Pictures Festival

Winner - Prize of the Press - Moving Pictures Festival

Winner - Award of Excellence / Special Mention - Best Shorts Competition

Media and News

"Time-lapse photography at its best" - Camera Zeiss Lenses
"a 4K timelapse masterpiece" - Sony Alpha Universe
"Whispering Iceland adds a dimension of drama that helps make it unique. Fast camera motion mixed with rack zooms and quick cuts work together to show Iceland as equal parts beautiful and desolate, a landscape that is somehow welcoming and inhospitable at the same time" - Digital Trends

Iceland is said to be the Mekas landscape for photographers. It is considered as the country of fascinating contrasts. Broadly known as "The Land of Fire and Ice", it is home to both a portion of the biggest ice sheets in Europe, and probably the most active volcanoes on the planet.
Iceland is the place where there is light and dimness, where long summer days with almost 24-hours of daylight are counterbalanced by short winter days.
Icelandic scenery still remains for all intents and purposes untouched by human progress.

I would like to thank all my team who worked hard for this project.
Nikos Pomonis - Timelapse/Slider
Nikos Zampas - Editor/Sound Design
Aris Christou - Timelapse
John Stravopodis - Timelapse
George Papadimitriou - Timelapse

Thanks also zero-project for the fantastic soundtrack made for us. It couldn't have been better!

Interview about the video at Sony Alpha Universe site Click here

Featured also at Zeiss Lenses, Lonely Planet, Digital Trends, fstoppers, diyphotography.net and many more.

a Greek Portfolio

Meteora Greece

Started before 3 years, a combination of aerial, timelapse and still video footage. It is a more personal project, showcasing many parts of greece, shot mostly during winter time. It will be available mid 2017.

A video representating the beauties of Zakynthos, an island located in Ionian Sea of Greece. Also called "The flower of the east". Sponsored by Levante Ferries, owner of "Fior di Levante", a ship which was awarded the renown International Shippax Award 2015 as the most beautiful ferry not only in Greece but also in the world.