I have frequently visited the Nordic region, known as “Norden”, during winter. The frozen surroundings form into spectacular landscapes, expressing the loneliness of a vast winter. Human and natural structures, animals and human beings, they all stand alone, forming their untold story. Wandering through the barren white fields inside the Arctic Circle, the horse’s step leaves behind an impression in the crystal patina. Wild sheep stop to examine me· another creature wandering in their frigid environment. The main feeling I received from the Nordic countryside was solitude, and I tried to capture it. During my trip, I met a bold surfer who decided to dive in the Nordic sea, seeking loneliness and internal peace. A lonely statue gazing at the Nordic sky reinforced the sense of desolation. The sea shifted colors and shape· blue mixed with yellow from sulfur currents, and then melted with the sky far in the horizon.
Norway & Faroe Islands
"Norden Solitude"
The tiny village of Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands sits at the edge of a tall cliff overlooking the sea.
a lonely hut shot in Faroe Islands during winter.
A "curious" sheep from Faroe Islands
A lonely surfer ready to dive into the cold waters of Norway
The church in Viðareiði, the northernmost settlement in the Faroe Islands
Cows in Faroe Islands.
Reine fishing village on Lofoten Islands during snow.
Northern lights (Aurora borealis) captured in Lofoten Islands, Norway
"Earth Fire Water Air"
Vesturhorn at Stokksnes. The 'horny'  and steep mountains of east Iceland
A beautiful capture of Icelandic horses during winter in Vik
The Great Geysir, a favorite stop along the Golden Circle
a beach in Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland.
Blue mixed with yellow from sulfur currents in Northern Iceland
a Graveyard under the arctic sky in Reykjavik
Green and yellow northern lights in Iceland
morning hours in the Iceland's wonderful fjords

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